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About Call Tracking

A proven tool to boost your marketing performance
Call Tracking provides business directories, media agencies and analytics companies with real time statistical reports regarding calls made between consumers and advertisers.
This key information serves as a performance-based sales and marketing tool while delivering service improvements and business intelligence that increase returns on ad spend and strengthen ties with client businesses.

About maskYOO

Maskyoo Ltd is an international call tracking company with a dominant position in Israel and growing operations in the United States and Europe. Maskyoo's Call Tracking and Analytics Platform is among the most advanced in the industry with 12 Years of Product Development. The Maskyoo platform handles more than a million calls daily and is currently used by more than 1000 clients, including internationally recognized companies such as Dun & Bradstreet, Yellow Pages, RE/MAX, and many others. For US and European customers, Maskyoo utilizes local servers with multiple security functions, 24/7 monitoring and 24/7 support.

Some facts about us

30m+ calls measured
per month
500k+ Maskyoo phone numbers
in use
1000+ Satisfied customers
150k+ Reports viewed
per day

The Maskyoo Platform Delivers:

  Flexible Functionality and Accurate Measurement of Return on Ad Spend
  Increase in Customer Revenue
  Proven Efficacy for Directory or Agency in Generating and Measuring both Calls and Clicks

Features & Benefits
  Powerful Management System - Customized tagging, reporting and analytical tools
  More than 18 Functional Reports - White labeled to build partner/client brands
  Full API – Create, edit and manage all Maskyoo capabilities in real time
  Automatic E-mail and SMS - Alert messages to maximize conversion
  Pixel Service – Analyze customer online and offline path to conversion
  Click To Call – For both desktop and mobile
  Dynamic Numbers - For each source of traffic streamed to website
  Telephone Lead Management – Control large groups of numbers
  Flexible Caller Interaction – To maximize revenue from lead generation
  Easy Addition And Removal Of Numbers
  Multi-Level Management System - User-friendly report formats
  Playback Prompt/Intro Recordings - From personalized audio files for branding purposes
  Tag Management - According to multiple client segments, categories and filters
  Flexible Call Recording Options - For monitoring and improvement of service
  Parallel Or Forward Dialing - Up to 5 different destinations for every unique Maskyoo number
  Blocked Phone Number Management

And many more options and features…

Maskyoo Solutions

Who can use our products and services?

The Maskyoo Platform provides both online and printed directories and indexes with a full set of tools to track calls placed by site visitors to directory advertisers and non-paying customers. Directory owners and administrators can create additional income using the “pay per phone call” model. Maskyoo call tracking can also help to retain directory clients by delivering new tools and features designed to strengthen ties to clients and measure the efficacy of the directory in building client businesses.

Nearly all types of classified directories utilize Maskyoo call tracking. Directories promoting general tourism, hotels and lodges, taxis, business rating agencies, motor vehicle sales, contractors, medical services, movie and entertainment sites, party and event services, home improvement, and other purveyors of goods and services all have utilized Maskyoo call tracking to measure their performance, improve their businesses, develop new paying customers, and retain existing customers.

Maskyoo enhances the business model of these directories by adding a pay per call revenue stream. Just as search engines offer pay-per-click advertisement, Maskyoo uses a pay-per-phone call advertising model. Maskyoo features such as white labeling of directory logos and graphics, additional branding through personalized recordings when a call is connected, key statistical analyses of tracked calls, and many other features all help an index or classified directory administrator earn more from telephone activity, which may have originated online or from a printed directory.

Advertising campaigns using digital, print and broadcasting media can all be accurately measured by tracking the use of Maskyoo phone numbers in real time.
The Maskyoo numbers provide tracking data based on marketing channel, timing, geographic reach, campaign stage and many other criteria.

Maskyoo call tracking results from digital and traditional advertising campaigns enable agencies to measure the return on ad spend and more effectively allocate advertising resources. These results are independent of campaign results reported by the advertiser and are available in real time to fine tune campaigns in progress.

Maskyoo adds a powerful tool to Analytics and SEO/SEM companies by assigning trackable telephone numbers to each keyword when the campaign can utilize phone conversations between the site visitors and the advertiser.
The use of call tracking increases campaign ROI and strengthens the expertise of the consulting company.
Without call tracking, optimization is handled primarily through Google Analytics or similar software.
This analysis utilizes key data including the conversion rate between clicks/exposures and purchase of the product or service.
Maskyoo provides tracking and statistics on the conversion rates for calls made using every keyword or domain that was purchased over the course of the campaign.
Maskyoo interfaces with Google Analytics to significantly enhance the analytic data.

Pixel Services - Maskyoo numbers can interface with Google Analytics as a secondary dimension.
You can see an event on each call made between clients/visitors and advertisers during your campaigns, providing total number of engagements, both calls and clicks.

Lead generation agencies increase online traffic to their customers and are often paid per click generated.
Maskyoo call tracking increases hot lead generation in the form of phone calls and allows lead generation agencies to receive payment whenever a call is routed to agency clients.
Many customers prefer to purchase over the phone.
Maskyoo provides a traceable lead source and allows lead generation agencies to use phone numbers for different messages and keywords.
Detailed Maskyoo reports to lead generation agency clients allow the agencies to deliver data that prove the effectiveness of their campaigns.

* Clients pay for proven sales calls, not just clicks
* Agencies earn more by charging for phone calls as well as clicks
* Maskyoo numbers increase the amount of quality leads your customer receives
* Overall, Maskyoo enhances performance of lead generators and increases ROI for the agencies and their clients.

Maskyoo enables lead generation agencies to identify and charge for each phone call. Maskyoo numbers can be used to generate messages to the receiver and the caller, distributed to various landing pages, and for different keywords.
Customers pay for real sales calls – not just clicks.

Maskyoo leverages your affiliate network and gives you extra income

Maskyoo maximizes income from affiliate networks by measuring phone calls and creating a pay-per-call model. Income is gained from phone calls, not just clicks, representing an additional revenue source from the network.
Trackable phone numbers are assigned to specific affiliates, keywords, and banners anywhere on the internet.

Use of the Maskyoo platform delivers:

* More leads for customers
* Real-time, better informed decisions during a campaign
* Better performance and ROI for each campaign

The internet is an excellent tool for direct business advertisers, yet to achieve results, a business needs to disperse its goods or services and contact information.
over a large number of indexes and websites.
Call tracking has several benefits over online forms and clicks.
Potential customers prefer to call and hear a human voice on the other side of the line.
If given the opportunity, the customer wants to speak to a representative and ask questions.
So, with all of today’s advances and modern technology, the average customer overwhelmingly prefers dialing a phone number over closing a deal online.

Business owners running ads can now know the exact origin of incoming calls by using the Maskyoo platform.
Whether the call came from a website that advertises a business, from Yellow Pages, or perhaps from an online business index, that source of business can now be identified.
This information results in better allocation of advertising resources based on performance.

So, what’s in it for you?

When your business directory, agency or analytics company has precise information on all inbound calls, you can lead the competition and substantially increase your clientele.

The Maskyoo platform is applied to all types of media – online as well as more conventional print, TV & radio, creating important added value from inbound calls.

Media strength is measured for more precise internal decision making on ad spend, maximizing revenues and increasing client retention.

For directories, the Maskyoo platform is a proven tool to add new paying advertisers.

Business directories? Do more with your incoming calls

Why choose us

How does Maskyoo help your directory increase and retain clients?

Why to choose us

Turn your non-paying advertisers to paying customers by using Maskyoo's reports and features

Pay per call, fixed rate or a combined commercial model between the directory and its clients, all based on Maskyoo reports

Increase customer loyalty through Maskyoo reports that prove the efficacy of your directory

Incoming calls are measured for each advertiser, enabling your directory to make important internal decisions in real time

Advertising clients receive consultation and important sales, marketing & service tools using Maskyoo reports

Maskyoo provides at least 2 different servers for each activity

Maskyoo servers receive calls from various operator switches

Maskyoo servers perform regular replication

The Maskyoo system performs regular intrusion tests and is constantly checking information security

Maskyoo performs regular backups to remote cloud servers for doomsday survival in the event of all servers going down.
There are also internal backups such as replications, database refresh, etc.

Maskyoo integrates with the leading CRM and ERP systems
· Seamless incorporation into existing programs used by employees and customers
· Sales representatives can track customers from the first call
· Customer behavior is evaluated through powerful analytical tools
· This information creates up-sales, cross-sales and improved service

Pricing Models


Between 50-500 Numbers – Unlimited Calls

  • 30 day free trial
  • Full system features
  • No additional fees
  • Full Support


Medium Business & Directories

Between 500-2000 Numbers – Unlimited Calls

  • 30 day free trial
  • Full system features
  • No additional fees
  • Full Support


Large Enterprises, Directories & Agencies

From 2000 Numbers – Unlimited Calls

  • 30 day free trial
  • Full system features
  • No additional fees
  • Full Support

* Customized Pay Per Call/Minute packages are available upon request- Please contact us for further details and rates